Cancel my club's website package subscription

This article covers the terms relating to cancelling a website subscription as well as how to submit a package cancellation request.

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Overview (including terms)

Submit a package cancellation request


We're sorry to hear you wish to cancel your club's website package subscription.

Package cancellation requests are processed with immediate effect, and any remaining time on the package will be lost.

If you wish to stay on your package until closer to when your next payment is due, remember to contact us with at least 6 days notice of the next payment due.

Submit a package cancellation request

All package cancellation requests need to be made in writing directly to Pitchero.





Pitchero Support Team


Sterling House

Capitol Park East




United Kingdom

Please note:

Payments for your club's website package subscription are processed automatically as per the billing terms agreed upon activating the package.

The club will not be issued with a refund for any time remaining on the package.