This article provides information on payouts made by the payment providers to the club.

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The Payouts page is available for Webmasters with full access to the Payment Tools area of the club admin dashboard to view payments transferred by the payment provider to the club's nominated account.

All payment processing fees are deducted before a payout is made.

Payouts are transferred to the club's bank account as soon as they are ready. The payment provider may group multiple transactions into one payout.

Payments collected will always run ahead of payouts to the club.

Viewing payouts

Step-by-step guide:

  • Go to the club admin dashboard
  • Click 'Payment Tools' from the left-hand menu
  • Click 'Payouts' from the sub-menu
  • View the payout(s) made by the payment provider including
    • Date of payout
    • Payout amount
    • Date payout is due to arrive
    • Payout reference number

You can toggle to view payouts from a different payment provider and payouts made in a different month.

More information regarding the payout details can be seen within the payment provider dashboard.

Stripe Connect Express payouts

Payouts for a Stripe Connect Express account are scheduled and cover funds available to the club. The scheduled day is subject to payment processing volume and the club's website package:

  • Pro package - Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
  • Standard package - Monday

Payouts usually take approximately 2 days to be processed to the club's account, though this could be longer for some banking providers.

Available funds include payments that have been processed completely by Stripe. A payout will not include payments that are currently in transit (until the payment has been processed completely).

Payments collected from members can take up to 7 days to be processed by Stripe.

A minimum balance of £100.00 is required on the Stripe Connect Express account, this covers refunds that the club may issue and disputes the club may incur. The minimum payout value is £10.00.

Please note:

  • Stripe may delay the first payout while the account is checked as a possible high-risk. Subsequent payouts should be transferred to the club as expected. For more information, see Stripe's related article here.

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