Moving players, coaches and team admins in-between seasons

This article provides information on moving team members to their next team at the end/start of a season.

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Moving members


At the start of a new season, existing junior Players, Coaches and Team Admins may need to be moved to their next age group/team.

As an example, you may wish to move the Under 11s to the Under 12s.

Please note: You must be a webmaster with full membership access to complete this process. 

Please do NOT do the following:

  • Create any new player accounts
  • Delete existing player accounts
  • Change the name of a team

Moving players between teams


Start with the eldest junior team first by moving them up to a senior/holding team, then move the second eldest Players, Coaches and Team Admins to the newly vacant team.

Repeat for the other junior teams until you are left with the youngest junior team with no members.

Step-by-step guide:

  • Go to your club control panel
  • Click 'Membership' from the left-hand menu
  • Click 'Membership Database' from the sub-menu
  • Click 'Filters'
  • Filter to view Players of the eldest junior team (e.g. Under 17s)
  • Select all of the members in the filtered list

First, add the players to their new team

  • Click 'Roles'
  • Click 'Edit Roles'
  • Select the Player role from the dropdown options
  • Select the new team from the dropdown options
  • Click 'OK' to review the changes (DO NOT click 'Save' yet)

Second, remove the players from the old team

  • Click 'Remove a role'
  • Select the 'Player' role from the dropdown options
  • Select the old team from the dropdown options
  • Click 'OK' to
  • Review the summary of the change
  • Click 'Save'

The Membership Database will update automatically showing no results for the existing filter you applied.

Repeat the process for Coaches and Team Admins of the eldest junior team.

Repeat the process for the remaining junior teams in descending order.

You should be left with no Players, Coaches or Team Admins associated with the youngest junior team.