Creating tours, fundraising, sponsorship & other products

This article covers creating tour, fundraising, sponsorship and other products on your Pitchero Club website.

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Creating Tours, Fundraising, Sponsorship & other products

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Creating a product is completed in just 4 simple steps, allowing members to buy the product within minutes.

Take a look at the video below which guides you through each step.

Creating Tours, Sponsorship & other products

Creating a tour, sponsorship or other product enables your club to efficiently take these payments and keep track of who has paid and how much they have paid. 

Step-by-step guide:

  • Go to your club control panel
  • Click 'Shop and payments' from the left-hand menu
  • Click 'Products' from the sub-menu
  • Click 'Add a new product' on the right-hand side of the page
  • Click 'Tours', 'Sponsorship' or 'other'
  • Does your product have more than one Price? e.g. Senior Tour and Junior Tour. If so click 'Yes'
  • Does your product have more than one way to be paid for? e.g. Monthly and Annually. If so click 'Yes'
  • Enter your product name
  • Name your first payment option. e.g. Senior Tour 
  • Select if this product covers an individual or a group/family
    • If you have selected to cover a group or family you will be asked how many people this will cover
  • How would you like your members to pay for the product? 
    • One-off (One-off payments charge the full amount when the product is purchased)
    • Instalments (Payments can be set up to be charged every week or month for a number of instalments. e.g. 12 monthly instalments of £10 = £120)
    • Subscription (Subscriptions can be set up to be taken every week or month continuously e.g. £12 per month)
  • If you have selected Installments or Subscriptions you will be asked when you would like the payment to be taken e.g. Weekly, Monthly 
  • If you have opted for a one of payment you will be asked for the price of the product 
  • Enter the cost of your product 
    • If you have selected instalments you will be asked to provide a breakdown of your total cost e.g. £120 = 12 x £10 payments 
  • Select when you wish the payment to be taken, this can be taken on the date of purchase or you can specify a date to take payment
  • You will then be directed to an overview of your payment options, at this point, you can add further payment options 
  • Once completed with your payment options click 'Next
  • Select the payment provider you wish to use
  • Enter a description of your product  
  • Upload an image for your product, you can also skip this if you wish 
  • Select who can buy the product (all members, assigned members only, or unavailable to purchase)
  • Review the product details, then click 'Create my Product

Top Tip:

Using sponsors is a great way of generating income for your club, utilising the sponsor's tool we have built for your club enables your sponsors to gain exposure from your website.

For further guidance on sponsors click here

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