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What is included in the exports?  


You can use our Track and Trace functionality to export player attendance for training sessions or team selection for fixtures into a flexible CSV format, perfect for submission to your league, county or governing body.

How does it work?

The export function collates data from the training and match attendance parts of the Pitchero database. As long as your club has marked players as having attended training, or selected players for a match, that data will show up in the exports.

How do I access the Track and Trace export functionality?

Track and Trace is an option under the “Teams” part of your Club Control panel navigation


What is included in the exports?

The exports have the date and time, type of event (training or fixture), a reference to the event (e.g. "Leeds FC vs Manchester FC"), first name and last name of the attendee.

What is not included in the exports?

We have deliberately not included any personal information in the export apart from a list of names. This is the minimum data needed to report on who was in attendance at a particular event.

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