Manage teams linked to a Teamer account

This article provides information on managing teams linked to your Teamer account in a web browser.

Quick links:

Using your email address or mobile number

Using an invite link

Contact support

Using your email address or mobile number 

Contact your team admin and provide them with your email address or mobile number.

They can then invite you to join their team. 

Using an invite link

A team admin may provide you with an invite link, this link is unique to your team and can be used an unlimited amount of times. 

Step-by-step guide: 

  • Contact your team admin to provide you with an invite link
  • Visit the invite link provided 
  • Click 'Register to join
  • Enter the required information
  • Click 'Register and send information

Your team admin will then review the application and accept or decline it based on the information provided. 

It's not possible to join a team without an invite from the team admin, please ensure your team admin invites you using one of the above methods. 

Contact Support

If you have any questions regarding joining managing teams, you can contact our dedicated support team via the form below.
When contacting support, it's important that you provide as much relevant information (including steps taken, links and screenshots to relevant pages) so we can help to resolve the query as quickly as possible for you.