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This article covers managing league tables on your Pitchero League website

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One of the key benefits of using Pitchero is that the league tables are updated automatically. All you need to do is keep the league fixtures and results up-to-date.

Pitchero uses default point awards for results (e.g. 3 points for a win in football). If your League has a different point awards system, contact our Support Team directly.


League Admins can manually make adjustments to the league table (e.g. if a team is deducted points)

Step-by-step guide:

  • Go to the League Control Panel
  • Click 'Match Info'
  • Click 'Tables'
  • Select the division name and click 'Filter'
  • Select the team
  • Enter the number of points to adjust the table by (if deducting points, add '-' before the number of points)
  • Enter a reason
  • Click 'Save'

The league table will be updated automatically.

Division Admins can make adjustments to the league table in the Division Control Panel.

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