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What's in the box?

Welcome to PitcheroGPS! Here’s a list of everything you’ll find included in your new kit.

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PitcheroGPS Trackers 

Your trackers allow you to monitor individual players’ key performance metrics from both training sessions and matches. Use this data to analyse player strengths, key areas for improvement, manage injuries and develop your team's success on the field. 

PitcheroGPS Charging Case

The Pitchero GPS charging case can be used to store, charge and transport up to 20 trackers at once. There’s also a compartment to house your coach's tablet. 

Coach's Tablet 

Use your coach's tablet to access the PitcheroGPS Team app and upload tracker data from new training sessions and matches. 

PitcheroGPS Vests

The comfortable and durable PitcheroGPS vests come in various sizes with a pouch to hold the tracker whilst athletes carry out their session. 

Quick Start Guide 

Streamlined instructions to help get you and your team up and running with your PitcheroGPS kit. A fully detailed coaches manual can be found in the Web Application. 

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