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Using the coach's tablet to upload a session

This article provides information on uploading session data collected on the GPS tracker(s) using your coach's tablet which can then be viewed in the desktop web app.

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Once you have captured your team's training session or match data, you'll be ready to upload this for analysis. 

Before uploading the data using your coach's tablet, we suggest that you check the following:

  • All of the GPS trackers have been returned from your players
  • All of the GPS trackers have been turned off so the data recording has been stopped
    • To do this, press and hold the button in the centre of each tracker for 3-5 seconds. Once the tracker starts to quickly flash a yellow light, release the button and the tracker will turn off.
  • The GPS trackers should be returned to the case for safekeeping and to be charged

You can then proceed with uploading your data.

Upload data

Step-by-step guide

  • Turn on all of the trackers by pressing and holding the button in the centre of each tracker for 3-5 seconds, until a solid red light appears, then release the button. 
    • The light will then turn a solid yellow; this means there is data on the tracker which is ready to be downloaded. 
  • Open the PitcheroGPS Team app on the tablet and log in
  • Tap on your team's name
  • Tap 'Create New Session'
  • Enter the session details, including:
    • Name, location, date and time, and session type (training or game)
  • Tap 'Next' in the bottom right corner of the screen
  • Double-check the trackers are ready to sync data 
    • All trackers are turned on
    • All trackers are within range of the tablet
    • All trackers are set to sync mode (with a solid yellow light)
  • Tap 'All Devices Are In Sync Mode - Upload My Session'
  • Tap 'SCAN'. The tablet will search for trackers ready to upload data and show a list of trackers found. 
    • If all of the trackers aren't captured on the first scan attempt, you can press rescan after 30 seconds to try searching for the devices again.  
  • Once all of your trackers appear on the screen, tap 'NEXT' in the bottom right corner of the screen.  The data will be downloaded one by one.
  • Once the data of each tracker has been downloaded, tap 'UPLOAD' in the bottom right corner of the screen
    • Ensure the tablet is connected to a secure WiFi or mobile hotspot connection.
  • The data will be processed via the secure PitcheroGPS servers and the session will be listed in the 'View Previous Sessions' section of the tablet app.

View performance data

You can see a snapshot of your session using the tablet.

Step-by-step guide:

  • Load the PitcheroGPS app on the tablet and log in
  • Tap 'View Previous Sessions'
  • Locate the session and tap 'PREVIEW'

A full view of the session data will be available on the online web application.

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