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Controls and lighting colour codes on a PitcheroGPS tracker

The article provides information on operating the controls on the PitcheroGPS trackers.

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The PitcheroGPS trackers are easy to use with just one button and one light. The button is simply used to turn the tracker on and off. The different lights refer to different actions being carried out or may be required.

What the lighting codes mean



Light code What it means
No light The tracker is off or fully charged (if on charge)
Solid green The tracker is charging
Flashing red (fast) The tracker is out of battery

Tracking a session


Light code What it means
Solid red The tracker is turning on
Flashing red The tracker is searching for a GPS signal
Flashing green The tracker is collecting data during a session
Flashing yellow (fast) The tracker is turning off

Uploading data


Light code What it means
Solid yellow The tracker has stored data to upload
Flashing yellow (slow) The data is uploading to the coach's tablet

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