How do I remove someone from the Membership Database?




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    I have been using the simple search to find members that need to be deleted.  I tag each one as I search for them, but when I go look at all my tagged results and change their status, the only tagged result is the last one I tagged.  There is no way for me to search for them with one search, so I search by name and tag each.  Why do the tags clear when I do the next search? toshiba laptop support

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    Joe Fisher


    Thanks for your comment.

    The reason this is happening is that you are technically leaving the last record tagged, meaning it will no longer be tagged once you have selected someone else. 

    You can tag members from a list when all displayed and apply your group action then, but cannot once you submit a new search.

    Please bear in mind that when you are deleting records, you can only delete them one at a time - you cannot bulk delete records from the Membership Database.

    I hope this helps - if you have any further issues/queries, please email us at

    Many thanks,


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