Club Website - Settings

  1. Edit website colours.

  2. Edit Website header.

  3. Add club logo.

  4. What size should my club logo be?

  5. Add a link to a custom header

  6. Customising your homepage design

  7. Adding homepage images.

  8. Edit homepage images.

  9. Edit background images.

  10. Re-order homepage images.

  11. Edit homepage welcome message.

  12. Edit homepage links.

  13. Edit homepage recent activity.

  14. How do I show fixtures, results and tables on the homepage?

  15. Add a league affiliation banner.

  16. My league affiliation banner is not listed.

  17. Add accredited affiliation banner.

  18. What can Webmasters access in the control panel.

  19. How do I give members access to the club control panel?

  20. Restricting Webmaster access.

  21. Can a non-webmaster access my Control Panel?

  22. Can I see who has given a member access to a section of the control panel.

  23. Change the club name on your site.

  24. Connecting my site to Google Analytics

  25. Choosing a timezone.

  26. Changing your club location

  27. Can I add more than one club address?

  28. Adding a Twitter feed.

  29. My Twitter feed does not show on the club homepage.

  30. Can I connect my site to Facebook?

  31. Can I add a Custom Header to a Weekly Roundup Email?

  32. Can I control the content of my Clubs Weekly Roundup Emails?

  33. Translations - Overview

  34. Can I change the name of headings on my site.

  35. My translation hasn't worked properly

  36. What pages on the site can users comment on?

  37. Can I control who the Comments feature?

  38. Turn Comments off.

  39. Delete a comment.

  40. Photo Tagging

  41. Seasons - How it works

  42. Do I need to add a season for every team?

  43. How do I control who can tag members in club photos?

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