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  1. Online Payments - Most common questions VIDEO

  2. Online Payments - The benefits VIDEO

  3. Getting Started :: OVERVIEW

  4. Add a Payment Product

  5. Create a GoCardless account

  6. Charity numbers and business numbers. What should I do?

  7. Assign a Product to a Member

  8. Prompting members by email

  9. Collecting :: OVERVIEW

  10. What can I collect money for?

  11. What type of Payments can I collect?

  12. How much does it cost?

  13. What does start and end date mean?

  14. What does the set-up fee mean?

  15. Unable to prompt members.

  16. What does "Total Gross Revenue" mean?

  17. My "Total Gross Revenue" is different from the amount I have been paid out by GoCardless, why is this?

  18. Remove or disable a Product.

  19. Archive a Product

  20. Will disabling a Product, cancel all active direct debits?

  21. Is the Payments feature available outside the UK?

  22. How long will a Payment take to arrive in the club bank account?

  23. Family or group membership.

  24. Can a Club collect Membership information when a member makes a payment?

  25. Can I collect additional information from members?

  26. Can I collect Gift Aid?

  27. Should I assign a Product to the Junior Player or the Parent?

  28. Can I track offline payments?

  29. What reporting tools are available?

  30. Can I control who can access Payments information?

  31. How does Payments work with my Membership Database?

  32. What does the Payment status mean?

  33. Export Payment information to Excel.

  34. Can I track all Payments made to my club bank account?

  35. What will appear on my members' bank statements?

  36. Why isn't the VAT portion of transaction fees equal to 20%?

  37. My club is VAT registered, can I claim the VAT back on our transaction fees?

  38. Resetting Payments statistics.

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