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  1. Add A Group

  2. Add a league affiliation banner.

  3. Add a league affiliation banner.

  4. Add a link to a custom header

  5. Add a Payment Product

  6. Add a Public or Private forum thread

  7. Add accredited affiliation banner.

  8. Add accredited affiliation banner.

  9. Add Club Logo.

  10. Add club logo.

  11. Add fixtures manually

  12. Add Member To A Group And Assign Role

  13. Add or edit a club video.

  14. Add or edit a Group.

  15. Add or edit a player, coach or team manager

  16. Add or edit a Team

  17. Add or edit a team photo

  18. Add or edit a team photo

  19. Add or Edit sponsor placement location.

  20. Add or edit team selection

  21. Add, edit or delete a club poll

  22. Add, edit or delete a Custom Section.

  23. Add, edit or delete a document.

  24. Add, edit or delete a forum section.

  25. Add, edit or delete a link.

  26. Add, edit or delete a product in non-PayPal shop.

  27. Add, edit or delete a product in the PayPal shop

  28. Add, Edit or Delete a Sponsor.

  29. Add, edit or delete an event

  30. Add, edit or delete club news

  31. Adding a friend

  32. Adding a link to an external club shop.

  33. Adding a member who already has a Pitchero account, what do I do?

  34. Adding a new Coach

  35. Adding a new Field

  36. Adding a new member

  37. Adding a new Player

  38. Adding a new player

  39. Adding a player of the match

  40. Adding a title

  41. Adding a Twitter feed.

  42. Adding an image to an event

  43. Adding Fixtures (Division Admin)

  44. Adding homepage images.

  45. Adding homepage images.

  46. Adding in your Club Information

  47. Adding more than one photo to a news item

  48. Archive a Product

  49. Are there any limits to the amount of Photos I can upload at one time?

  50. Assign a Product to a Member

  51. Automatically sync a calendar with Microsoft Outlook

  52. Ban a user from your forum.

  53. Can a Club collect Membership information when a member makes a payment?

  54. Can a non-webmaster access my Control Panel?

  55. Can anyone join?

  56. Can I add a Custom Header to a Weekly Roundup Email?

  57. Can I add more than one club address?

  58. Can I change the name of headings on my site.

  59. Can I collect additional information from members?

  60. Can I collect Gift Aid?

  61. Can I connect my site to Facebook?

  62. Can I control the content of my Clubs Weekly Roundup Emails?

  63. Can I control the emails I am sent by Pitchero?

  64. Can I control who can access Payments information?

  65. Can I control who the Comments feature?

  66. Can I invite members to the site?

  67. Can I join more than one Pitchero website?

  68. Can I make a section of my website private?

  69. Can I overlap my season archives? e.g. Summer and Winter leagues

  70. Can I restrict who fills out the Membership Field?

  71. Can I see who has given a member access to a section of the control panel.

  72. Can I set a News item to private?

  73. Can I speak to someone about Packages?

  74. Can I track all Payments made to my club bank account?

  75. Can I track offline payments?

  76. Can I use a custom domain name?

  77. Can Pitchero be used for other sports?

  78. Change profile image

  79. Change the club name on your site.

  80. Change Weekly Roundup delivery date

  81. Change your website URL.

  82. Changing or adding points on your System

  83. Changing Primary Webmaster access

  84. Changing your club location

  85. Changing your e-mail address

  86. Charity numbers and business numbers. What should I do?

  87. Choosing a timezone.

  88. Closing down a Club Website

  89. Club Photos :: Overview

  90. Club Videos :: Overview

  91. Collecting :: OVERVIEW

  92. Competitions Overview

  93. Connecting my site to Google Analytics

  94. Create a GoCardless account

  95. Custom Sections - How it works

  96. Customising your homepage design

  97. Delete a comment.

  98. Delete a photo album

  99. Delete a team

  100. Delete a video.

  101. Deleting a Field

  102. Deleting a Group

  103. Deleting a member.

  104. Deleting a Player

  105. Deleting my account

  106. Difference between a Public & Private forum.

  107. Division Admins

  108. Do I need to add a season for every team?

  109. Edit background images.

  110. Edit background images.

  111. Edit fixture date, kick off time & location.

  112. Edit fixture date, kickoff time & location

  113. Edit homepage images.

  114. Edit homepage links.

  115. Edit homepage recent activity.

  116. Edit homepage welcome message.

  117. Edit match length

  118. Edit member information

  119. Edit my profile

  120. Edit team navigation

  121. Edit team Privacy settings

  122. Edit team training times

  123. Edit website colours.

  124. Edit website colours.

  125. Edit website header

  126. Edit Website header.

  127. Edit your website header.

  128. Editing a match report

  129. Editing match statistics

  130. Editing my Player Profile

  131. Editing the final score

  132. Export Payment information to Excel.

  133. F1.01 How do I get the App?

  134. F1.02 Is there an Android App?

  135. F1.03 How do I log into the iPhone app?

  136. F1.04 Do I need a club website to use the iPhone app?

  137. F1.05 The iPhone app does not load/open

  138. F1.06 Will the App work on the iPad / iPod Touch?

  139. F1.07 Can I organise player availability and team selection with the App?

  140. F1.08 Does the App include features for Webmasters and Team Admins?

  141. F1.09 How do I reset my password on the iPhone app?

  142. F1.11 How do I edit my roles at a club using the app?

  143. F1.12 What iOS version do you support?

  144. F1.13 How do I know what version of Pitchero I am on?

  145. F1.14 Can I access Forums on the App?

  146. Family or group membership.

  147. Find a calendar URL

  148. Fixtures & Results- How it works

  149. Forum - How it works.

  150. Getting Started :: OVERVIEW

  151. Getting Started on the Homepage

  152. Hide A Group

  153. Hide a player

  154. Hide a team

  155. How can I advertise on Pitchero?

  156. How can I cancel my package subscription?

  157. How can I change my homepage colours?

  158. How can I edit the kick off time of a fixture stored centrally by Pitchero?

  159. How can I get my members receiving emails?

  160. How can I have my own custom design?

  161. How can the Pro Package help our club?

  162. How can the Standard Package help our club?

  163. How can the Starter Package help our club?

  164. How do I add a new Webmaster to the club website?

  165. How do I add coaches details, such as contact info?

  166. How do I add documents to my site?

  167. How do I add new sections to the Club Info section of my website?

  168. How do I archive my season for a League Website?

  169. How do I associate my club with the official competition I am involved in?

  170. How do I attach my club website up with my Fasthost domain?

  171. How do I change my email address?

  172. How do I change my name?

  173. How do i change my personal profile picture?

  174. How do I change the contact email address on the contact form for my club?

  175. How do I change the links below the 'Welcome' message on the homepage?

  176. How do I change the names of the menu headings on my site?

  177. How do I connect a Parent to a Child player?

  178. How do I connect my Facebook account to my Pitchero account?

  179. How do I contact Pitchero?

  180. How do I control who can tag members in club photos?

  181. How do I delete my Pitchero account?

  182. How do I disconnect my Facebook account from Pitchero?

  183. How do I download the Pitchero apps?

  184. How do I edit fixtures, results and league tables?

  185. How do I edit my membership for more than 1 club?

  186. How do I edit the individual player sponsors on our player's profiles?

  187. How Do I Find The New Staff & Official Feature?

  188. How do I give members access to the club control panel?

  189. How do I hide a club poll?

  190. How do I list my new Pitchero website with Google?

  191. How do I make a section of my club Private to a specific membership group?

  192. How do I moderate a club video?

  193. How do I prepare for a new season?

  194. How do I send another confirmation email?

  195. How do I set up the weekly round up?

  196. How do I show fixtures, results and tables on the homepage?

  197. How do I show my league table on my site?

  198. How do I submit a Design Request?

  199. How do I transfer my domain to Pitchero? What is Pitchero's IPS tag?

  200. How do I unsubscribe from Pitchero emails?

  201. How do I update my club's payment details?

  202. How do I upload a photo album?

  203. How do I upload a players picture into the player profile?

  204. How do I upload a video?

  205. How do I upload videos and photos?

  206. How do I use a 123 Reg domain name with my Pitchero site?

  207. How do I use a Fasthosts domain name with my Pitchero site?

  208. How do Parents register to a club website?

  209. How does a club moderate a photo album?

  210. How does my club receive payment for the Marketplace and Club Kit?

  211. How does Payments work with my Membership Database?

  212. How does the Pitchero league system work?

  213. How long will a Payment take to arrive in the club bank account?

  214. How many videos can I upload?

  215. How much does it cost?

  216. How to group a collection of documents.

  217. How to group a collection of links.

  218. How to show multiple polls?

  219. I am logged in but unable to view private videos or photos, why not?

  220. I can’t access the Packages page.

  221. I have created a Pitchero account, how do I become a member of my club?

  222. I have created two profiles for a player, is it possible to merge player statistics?

  223. I have joined a competition but the fixtures are not showing

  224. I have linked to the relevant leagues but cannot view the fixtures for the coming season, what do I do?

  225. I keep getting application reminders for users which are already authorised, how can I stop these?

  226. I want to add a webmaster or an admin without my website going live, how do i do this?

  227. I want to update team information, how do I apply to be a Team Admin?

  228. I want to update the website, how do I apply to be a Webmaster?

  229. Incorrect league points

  230. Invite - Overview

  231. Inviting new members

  232. Is Pitchero still free?

  233. Is the Payments feature available outside the UK?

  234. Join a club website

  235. Join a league competition

  236. Join a league website

  237. Joining a league competition

  238. Manage seasons

  239. Manage Seasons

  240. Managing a league table via a league competition

  241. Manually add or edit a league table

  242. Members email address set to private

  243. Members not receiving emails sent from the club.

  244. Membership - Teams :: Overview

  245. Membership Export - Overview

  246. Membership Fields - Overview

  247. Membership Groups :: How It Works

  248. Membership Import - Overview

  249. Membership Invite - unable to send invite.

  250. Merging two members

  251. Migrating Contacts To The New Staff & Officials Section

  252. Moderating a new membership request?

  253. Moving players between teams

  254. My "Total Gross Revenue" is different from the amount I have been paid out by GoCardless, why is this?

  255. My club is VAT registered, can I claim the VAT back on our transaction fees?

  256. My email address has been confirmed, but I am still unable to view photos

  257. My event is not showing?

  258. My junior or minis section doesn't have a stats page, match reports etc, how do I turn these pages on?

  259. My league affiliation banner is not listed.

  260. My league affiliation banner is not listed.

  261. My league competition is missing

  262. My league competition is missing

  263. My league table isn't showing

  264. My password and email address do not work, I am unable to login, what should I do?

  265. My photo album is not showing

  266. My Players don't appear in the correct order on certain sections of the site, what should I do?

  267. My translation hasn't worked properly

  268. My Twitter feed does not show on the club homepage.

  269. My user profile picture does not show on my player profile.

  270. My video has been rejected, why?

  271. My video has been rejected. Why?

  272. My video is not showing

  273. My WorldPay payment has failed

  274. Online Payments - Most common questions VIDEO

  275. Online Payments - The benefits VIDEO

  276. Only a handful of fixtures show in the fixtures tab on the club homepage, is this right?

  277. Ordering Groups And Members

  278. Ordering pages within Club Info.

  279. Overlapping seasons

  280. Packages Overview

  281. Packages Overview

  282. Page views on your website

  283. Password reset

  284. Password reset

  285. Performance - Overview

  286. Photo Tagging

  287. Photo/video uploader not working

  288. Pin or fix a news item to the homepage

  289. Pitchero - Christmas Opening Times

  290. Pitchero adding your League and Division

  291. Pitchero ranking.

  292. Pre or post date a news item

  293. Prompting members by email

  294. Public and private messages.

  295. Rank or reorder teams

  296. Re-order homepage images.

  297. Re-order homepage images.

  298. Re-ordering Groups

  299. Registering as a parent for multiple children

  300. Remove or disable a Product.

  301. Removing a document from a news item

  302. Resetting Payments statistics.

  303. Restricting Webmaster access.

  304. Review the information on your website contacts page

  305. Seasons - How it works

  306. Send a club email.

  307. Send a group email.

  308. Send an email to all members.

  309. Send an email to Team Admins.

  310. Send prompt to update membership information

  311. Set your availability

  312. Shop - How it works

  313. Should I assign a Product to the Junior Player or the Parent?

  314. Should I create numerous player profiles for players who play for a number of my teams?

  315. Staff & Officials - How It Works

  316. Subscribe to a calendar on your iPhone

  317. Subscribe to a calendar using Microsoft Outlook

  318. Switch the your club forum off.

  319. Team formations

  320. Team player availability- How it works

  321. The results and fixtures shown on my club website need updating. How do I do this?

  322. The Team- How it works

  323. Transfer Primary Webmaster Access

  324. Translations - Overview

  325. Turn Comments off.

  326. Unable to prompt members.

  327. Unique visits.

  328. Unsubscribe from Pitchero emails

  329. Updating a kick off time

  330. Updating an existing document.

  331. Updating league fixtures and results

  332. Upload a photo album

  333. Upload a spreadsheet

  334. Upload a video

  335. Uploading a photo album

  336. Video has failed to upload.

  337. View my sent messages

  338. View website traffic information.

  339. Webpages crash or have to be recovered: how can I fix this?

  340. Website membership options

  341. What are Packages?

  342. What are the roles in my website?

  343. What can I collect money for?

  344. What can Team Admins access in my Membership Database?

  345. What can Webmasters access in the control panel.

  346. What do the different website memberships mean?

  347. What does "Total Gross Revenue" mean?

  348. What does start and end date mean?

  349. What does the padlock icon mean on Videos and Photo Albums?

  350. What does the Payment status mean?

  351. What does the set-up fee mean?

  352. What information can I edit in the Membership Database before importing it in again?

  353. What is a Division Admin?

  354. What is a standard field?

  355. What is Pitchero?

  356. What Is The New Staff & Officials Feature?

  357. What pages on the site can users comment on?

  358. What reporting tools are available?

  359. What size should my club logo be?

  360. What type of Payments can I collect?

  361. What will appear on my members' bank statements?

  362. When I visit the Play Store it says “Device not supported”.

  363. When to use Groups.

  364. Where can I check my most shared content?

  365. Where can I check my most viewed content?

  366. Where can I check my Pitchero site ranking?

  367. Where can I get an invoice/ receipt for my new package payment?

  368. Where can I post my suggestions for improvements on the site?

  369. Where can I see how much I am owed?

  370. Where can I see how much revenue my club has earned?

  371. Where can I see how much revenue Pitchero has paid my club?

  372. Where can I view a club poll?

  373. Where can I view the poll results?

  374. Where to find your Club Control Panel

  375. Where will club events appear?

  376. Which Package should my club buy?

  377. Who can export the Membership Database?

  378. Why are my teams 'hidden'?

  379. Why have we introduced Packages?

  380. Why isn't the VAT portion of transaction fees equal to 20%?

  381. Why isn’t my member showing up on the Staff & Officials page?

  382. Will disabling a Product, cancel all active direct debits?

  383. Attaching a document to a news item

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