What are the roles in my website?

There are a number of different roles that a member can have with your Club website.

Please see below for the breakdown of each:

Primary Webmaster - The Primary Webmaster has full access to any part of the website.They can also add and remove Webmasters or Team Admins. Most clubs only have one Primary Webmaster. The Primary Webmaster essentially forms the link between Pitchero and the club, and is our main point of contact should we need to get hold of the club.

Webmaster - A Webmaster by default has access to all elements of the website, though this can be restricted to solely: Site Content, Teams, Membership, payments, Communications, Performance, Packages or Settings. Webmasters have the same access level as the primary webmaster, however they cannot add or delete Webmasters or Team Admins.Most clubs have around 5-10 Webmasters.
Applications need to be approved by the Primary Webmaster.
Details on how to restrict webmaster access can be found here

Team Admin - Team Admins have partial access to the Club Control Panel concerning content or member records linked solely to their own team. This allows Team Admins to add in news items, manage their team selections, update fixtures and results, add and remove members, and send messages to team members. Clubs should have at least one Team Admin associated with each team.

Staff/ Official - If someone is given the Staff/Official role they are able to display on the contact page at the front end of the website. They can see any content on the website made public and private (dependent on the settings)

Player - members with the Player role have the ability to receive requests for availability and also to receive direct information about any upcoming fixtures, team selections or the latest results and statistics. 
Player roles need to be accepted by the webmaster.

Parent - Members registering on behalf of their child should apply for a parent role. This allows any notifications and requests for availability relating to the child to be emailed to the parent. Parents will be able to see any content on the website that has been made public and also any information relating to their child's team. 
Parent roles need to be moderated by a Webmaster or Team Admin.

Club Member - Club Members exist in the Membership Database and can view any public or private content (dependent on the settings). This role may be given to a user who has no specific link to a team or official title but still needs to see private content. Any member added manually or imported will be given the Club Member role.

Supporter - Anybody with a Pitchero account can add any live club to their membership network. This does not need to be moderated by a Webmaster and will allow the user to see anything that has been shared publicly on the website. This role will also allow them to comment on any Photos, Videos or Forum posts (if this has been set as public).

Members can have multiple roles. These can all be added in via the Membership Database.

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