Migrating Contacts To The New Staff & Officials Section

The Staff & Officials section of your website has replaced the old Contacts section and is designed to help clubs better organise club officials, club committees and club contact information.

Clubs can migrate Officials from the old Contacts section on your site in a few easy to follow steps:

Go to the Site Content section of your control panel > Click the Staff & Officials section from the left-hand menu.

Click the Staff Migration option > All staff members that existed on the old contacts page will display here.

The migration page is split into three sections:

Staff members to migrate (members that already have a Staff role in your database).

Staff members not linked to a member.

Staff members previously migrated.

Staff Members To Migrate.

These members already exist in your membership system; you just need to choose the scope (what section of the club their role applies e.g. Club or Junior section) and add their position.

Start typing the position to see a list of popular options, if the position you wish to add, doesn't appear, just type the full name of the position and click Migrate.

Staff members not linked to a member.

The officials to migrate in this section, either don't exist within your membership database, or if they do, they don't have a Staff role.

All you need to do is connect the profile to a member within your database by typing that members name in the search members box.

If that member doesn't exist, you can click the "Click here to add a new member button" to add that person to your membership database.

This doesn't mean that the official needs to register on the site, adding them to the database in this way, simply adds them as an unregistered member.

Staff members previously migrated.

This shows a history of the officials previously migrated.

You can edit the individual user profiles by clicking the edit profile button.

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