How can I get my members receiving emails?

When a member signs up for an account with your club, they become a user in our database as well.

In order for our database to recognise the member’s account is genuine, an auto-generated email is sent to the member. In the email, the member needs to click on the link to verify their account. 

If a member hasn’t selected this, they cannot be contacted through your website.

We recommend that you get as many registered members as you can receiving e-mails. To help this along, access the Membership Database in your Club Control Panel, applying filters on the right-hand side of the page for members that are registered but not receiving emails. Remember to check the member results you have remaining has updated.

From here, tick all of the members on the first page, then select all members from multiple pages, then click the ‘Prompt to update information’ button.

In sending this prompt, the member will receive an email directing them to their account to ensure information associated with your club is up-to-date. In clicking on the link, it will also verify their account is receiving emails too.

You can send these prompts through the Membership Database every 7 days.

If you have any questions on this matter, you can contact a member of the Support Team via or call the office on 0113 292 6070.

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