Hide A Group

If you have a group that you don’t want visible to all website visitors you can set the group to not show on the website.

For example: You may have a group of staff who do things behind the scenes so don’t need to visible to the public.

To Hide A Group:

Login to the club control panel.

Click on the Site Content tab.

Click on Staff & Officials in the left side menu.

Click +Add a Group.

An overlay will appear, add a Group Name. Choose No - Don't Show On Website.

Add a Description for the group and click Save.

Or To Hide An Existing Group:

Locate the group on the Staff & Officials page.

Hover over the Spanner Tool and choose Hide On Website from the list that appears

The group will now show x Not Visible On Website next to it.

Most clubs organise Staff & Officials by groups or committees, for example:

  • Key Contacts

  • Club Management Committee

  • Senior Committee

  • Junior & Mini Committee

  • Fundraising Committee

Please Note: The Key Contacts group can be hidden. If you want to create your own Key Contacts group simply hide the original group and add your own, setting it to Show on your website.

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