Staff & Officials - How It Works

4 easy steps

Step 1 - Create a new group or committee

Most clubs organise Staff & Officials by groups or committees, for example:

  • Key Contacts
  • Club Management Committee
  • Senior Committee
  • Junior & Mini Committee
  • Fundraising Committee

To add a new group, click +Add a Group and complete the form.

Step 2 - Add members to Groups and Assign titles.

Provided the member is listed in your membership database you can add them to a group.

Click the +Add Staff/ Official button and search for the member.

To assign a Role to the member - for example: Chairman, Committee Member, Director, Coach...

Then select the Scope of the role - example: Club, Senior, Junior...

Repeat the same process for all Staff & Officials.

Step 3 - Edit Member Information

You can edit the contact information for each Staff & Official and control which information is made public.

To do this, hover over the Spanner Tool and click Edit Profile.

The member overlay will appear when you can edit information, and choose whether to hide their email address, phone number and photo.

Step 4 - Review the information on the new contacts page

Finally, click View Webpage and review the new Contacts page on the club website.

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