Packages Overview

Packages are optional paid for plans which clubs can choose to purchase.

The benefits of purchasing a package is an improved service with extra features and functionality.

Prices start from only £6 per month. All prices include VAT.

To learn more about each package visit the Packages section of your Club Control Panel.

Please Note: Only a Primary Webmaster or a Webmaster with permission (granted by the Primary Webmaster) can access the Packages page.

If you require access please contact the Primary Webmaster and they can provide access via the Settings page of the Club Control Panel.

If you are unable to contact the Primary Webmaster, please contact Pitchero.

If your club is on the basic package and has more than 3 teams, the extra teams will be hidden from view. BUT Webmaster's and Team Admins will still be able to access ALL team information via the club control panel, and create new teams.

If you would like some advice on which package would be best for your club or on particular features, you can contact Pitchero by email or phone.

Send your email to:

Or call the office between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday: 0845 0176 088.

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