Why have we introduced Packages?

Earlier this year, 2,000 clubs completed our survey and told us how to make Pitchero a better product for their club and club members.

It was clear from the survey that clubs want to see five big changes:

  1. Limited adverts

  2. Design freedom

  3. Mobile management

  4. Flexible payments

  5. Better support

To make these changes a reality, we have introduced a new range of packages.

A very small (and optional) price to pay...

Pitchero will continue to offer a free service, but to make these improvements a reality - specifically in terms of reduced advertising - we have introduced a new range of packages starting from only £6 per month.

Whilst we continue developing the brilliant features and functionality which make Pitchero so special, this small charge will help us limit the amount of advertising on your club website.

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