How do I give members access to the club control panel?

Only a Primary Webmaster can control who has access to the club control panel.

To see who is a Primary Webmaster of your club:

Go to your club control panel, click the Dashboard tab.

Look at the right hand side of your dashboard, next to the Website Traffic graph.

The Primary Webmasters are listed below 'Your Package' information.

If a Primary Webmaster is not listed, contact


If you are a Primary Webmaster you may grant members access to the control panel via the Settings tab.

Go to your club control panel and click the Settings tab.

Click Manage Access.

Click the grey +Add access button and choose Webmaster.

Any member of your club can be given access to a specific area of the control panel.

This includes:
  • Site Content
  • Teams
  • Membership
  • Payments
  • Communication
  • Performance
  • Packages
  • Settings
Please Note - only a Primary Webmaster can control access.


To grant members Team Admin Access.

Click the grey +Add Access button and choose Team Admin.

Search for the member and select a team for them. Click the green Add Access button.

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