Team player availability- How it works

Players and parents can update their availability online via the website and mobile app.

Coaches and Team Managers can view responses online via the Club Control Panel.

To view player availability:

Go to the Club Control Panel.

Click Teams tab.

Click Availability.

Upcoming fixtures are listed at the top of the page.

Use the date buttons to move forwards or backwards in time.

Filters can be applied to the list of players. Filter by Teams or by Status (available, unavailable, maybe, not set).

A coach or team manager can override a players availability. 

To override a players availability:

Search or filter to find the player. Click the spanner icon and set as Available, Unavailable or Not Sure as appropriate.

The availability will be updated across all control panels and in the players account and mobile app.

If players and parents have not updated their availability, coaches and team managers can send an email prompt.

To prompt a player for their availability:

Use the Tick Boxes to select players you wish to prompt. 

Click Prompt Selected. If the members are registered and receiving emails an email alert to will be sent

Please Note - only one email can be sent per 24 hours.

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