Managing a league table via a league competition

To manage a league table:

If your team fixtures and results are managed by a centrally managed league competition - so will your league table.

This means that when the results of a league competition are updated the league table will be automatically updated at the same time - saving hours of time each week.

We strongly recommend all clubs join a league competition and manage their fixtures, results and league tables in this way.

To update a league table via a league competition:

You will need to access the Division Admin Panel.

To do this:

Go to the Club Control Panel.

Click Teams tab.

Locate the team you want join a competition and click Competitions.

Find competition and click Apply to become Division Admin as seen below:

Your request will be reviewed by a member of staff and if successful you will be granted access to the Division Admin Control Panel.

Within the Division Admin Control Panel you can:

  • Edit fixtures & results.
  • Add bonus points.
  • Remove penalty points.
Please Note: ALL changes made in the Division Admin panel will affect all club websites linked to that league competition.

If you require support, please contact Pitchero

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