Moving players between teams

At the start of a new season, pre existing junior players will need to be moved or migrated to a new team.

Exampled: Move the Under 11 players to the U12’s.

This can be done in the Membership Database by Webmasters.

NOTE - Please do NOT do the following:
  • Create any new player accounts.
  • Deleting existing player accounts.
  • Or change the name of a team*.
*Unless you are adding or losing teams due to numbers.. e.g. U11s is becoming U12 Blue and U12s Red. In this situation, you would rename U12s to U12s Blue and create a new team called U12s Red.

View this help video on Migrating your Players, Coaches & Team Admins up to the next age group!


Important: Always start with the oldest team first.

Your first step should always be to move players leaving your oldest age group (probably U18s for Football, Senior Colts for Rugby Union). These players should be moved into the senior teams 1st, 2nds, 3rds etc first. 

You should then follow the same method below for re-populating your junior teams

Example method for a club with 3 junior teams, U13s, U14s, U15s: 

1. Create a new team called U16s. Move U15s players into the new, empty U16s team. 
2. Move U14s into the empty U15s team and move the U13s into the empty U14s team. 


How to move / migrate players.

Go to the Club Control Panel.

Click the Membership tab.

Select Membership Database.

Click the Filters button, top right and filter for the Players/Coaches/Team Admins of the team you are moving up.

Example - moving U15 to U16. Filter for all U15 Players/Coaches/Team Admins.

Select all filtered members - use the select all tick box top left.

Click the edit Roles button.

First add the new role (a player within the U16s team):

  • Select Add a role from the first drop down.
  • Player from the second drop down
  • And the new team (U16) from the third drop down. Click OK.

Now, remove the old role (player within the U15s team): 

  • Select Remove a role from the first drop down.
  • Player from the second drop down.
  • And the old team (U15) from the third drop down. Click OK.

Finally click the green Save button.

The player will be moved / migrated from the U15s to the U16.

Repeat the process for all other teams.

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