Team formations

Team Formations are an optional feature when making a team selection

To access team formations:

Go to the club control panel.

Click Teams tab.

Locate the team you want to pick a formation for and click Fixtures & Results.

Locate fixture you want to pick a formation for and click Edit Fixture.

Go to Team Selection.

Confirm number of Starters playing:
For Example:
  • Adult football - 11
  • Adult rugby union - 15
  • Adult rugby league - 13
Pick a Formation:
For Example:
  • Adult football - 4 4 2
  • Adult football - 4 3 3
  • Adult football - 3 5 2
  • Rugby union - 15s
  • Rugby union - 10s
  • Rugby union - 7s
Or select the None this is optional.

Once the formation has been picked you can move players between positions.

To do this: drag and drop the players on the formation pitch or the right hand list.

You can change the formation at any time using the formation drop down menu.

If a Formation is missing please email and if possible this will be added.

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