What do the different website memberships mean?

Supporter – Anyone on Pitchero can become a supporter of your club. They don’t have access to any members only content, but can subscribe to your weekly roundup and post on public forums.

Club Member – An authorised member of your club. In addition to the benefits of being a supporter, Club Members can access members only content and post in private forums.

Player – In addition to the benefits of being a Club Member, Players can update their own profiles and set their availability for forthcoming fixtures. All of your players should register on the website.

Coach / Team Staff – Coaches and team staff have similar benefits as players. They are associated with a Coach / Team Staff profile within a team.

Parent – Parents are linked to a team. They have the same benefits as a Club Member.

Staff/ Club Staff – Committee members and recognised staff at your club. Staff have the same benefits as Club Members.

Team Admin – Team Admins can control fixtures related information for a specific team. This includes match reports, statistics and team news.

Webmaster – Webmasters have full control of website content. They can add and remove membership types excluding fellow webmasters.

Primary Webmaster – The primary webmaster has full administrative control of the website and can add and remove fellow webmasters.

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