I have joined a competition but the fixtures are not showing

The most common reason for a competition’s fixtures not showing is the Season Settings not being updated.

The solution is to add a new season.

To manage Seasons:Login to your Club Control Panel.

Click the Settings tab.

Click on Seasons in the left side menu.

Click the green Add Season button.

Add the Season Name in the box provided.

Add a Start Date and End Date. Click Save.

For Example: Season 2014/15 or Season 14/15. Keep the Season Name short.

For Example: Season 2014/15
Start date: 01.08.2014
End date: 31.07.2015

Please Note: Season dates should run consecutively from one season to the next.

For example: if the end date of a season is 24.06.2014, the start date of the new season should be 25.06.2014.

You may add as many season filters as you want to, across any time period.

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