How can we improve Pitchero Manager?

Allow the creation of Custom Highlight Categories

The main one I have in mind that I would add would be ‘Coaching Point’

This would be used when something happens on the pitch which I would like to review with the players in training – or ask them to look at on the app prior to training i.e. we ask them to review all coaching points recorded for a game.

The second one I would create would be along the lines of ‘Comedy Gold’

In a recent game one of the opposition players had a spectacular slice followed by falling on his backside – the other team’s subs knowing we were recording the game asked if we could send a clip of it to them.

I know the answer will be to take clips from the full match video which is saved and publish them; but, as we found out, it seems to be very easy to lose the video if the connection drops or the device’s battery runs out

It would also save people time retrieving the clips they want later as, even if you know which clip you are looking for, you currently have to spend some time going through the full video or rough timeframe of the incident in question to find the one you want.

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