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Allow club to setup annual subscriptions and amend payments each year without having to get members to sign up again to the payment.

At present if a club has a payment product setup for an yearly subscription (annual subs) they cannot edit the amount that will be taken if the amount is increased. We as a club have several payments for annual subs and many of our members have signed up and it will take £X each year on a given date. The member only needs to sign up once and the payment will be taken without any administration from the club or the member.

If the club decides to change the amount and increase annual subs for instance they cannot amend the amount taken and they would have to setup a seperate payment product and ask members to sign up again. It would be easier if the club controlled the amounts taken (like it would with a Direct Debit) and had the ability to amend a product once it is setup. The system should allow this and it should either ask members to accept the change (via email) or do it as it would a Direct Debit and make the change and allow the club to contact the members to give them the opportunity to cancel, should they not wish the change to occur.

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  • Christian Sangiuseppe commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Completely agree with this. We have been asking for variable payment plans since Pitchero introduced a payment solution. Our membership fees tend to increase annually however the package is exactly the same other than the price. Bearing in mind a lot of our members are older and many aren't as confident online, it is unreasonable to expect them to logon, cancel their existing payment plan and then sign-up to the correct new plan every year. The simpler solution would be to give the club the ability to amend the payment values like you get with any Direct Debit and for us to be able to cancel plans from our end.

    Pitchero have confirmed to me that it is not currently possible but that if enough people vote for this option, they will consider developing this feature which I feel would save most clubs and their members a lot of time and hassle.

  • Simon Harrison commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This would make membership process really simple for us, currently looking for other process methods as 2.9% and practicality is proving to be a stumbling point for us.

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