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An API so we can plug our own club tools into the data in pitchero

There are several use cases

As a website admin I want to be able to manage my squad and selections in excel which are shared with the coaches.

As a fixtures secretary I want the ability via my phone to cancel at late notice a fixture, that notice should go out based on a player parent preference (email text Facebook twitter phone call)

As coach I want to ensure that I am capturing my performance metrics for all players in a single place (those metrics to be defined by the coach)

As coach I want to store my session plans against each age group I work with and a review of that session that can be shared in an off line format with other coaches.

All of these could be provided (and others) by pitchero as core functionality, but their value to pitchero would be quite low and could be provided by others quite easily.

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  • mick o'connor commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This would be a great feature. We love the functionality of the app but we have to create our own website and it would be fantastic if we could feed our pitchero info into that site

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