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Pro package should have ZERO advertising

Our club are considering upgrading our package, and the overwhelming reason is the increasingly intrusive adverts which Pitchero are injecting. These include adverts from other local clubs, inviting our members to go and play there!
Clearly Pitchero rely on advertising to fund the free package offering. However I consider that the £36 package is very expensive if we would still be subjected to these ads. Particularly video ads with sound - you are making the site "not suitable for work" and wasting the bandwidth of those using mobile phones.

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  • Alex Birkhead commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    If really a significant cost to dropping advertising, look to revise the premium pricing model around club size tiers -- might even work better that way

  • Alex Birkhead commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Please wake up to how annoying, hated advertising is -- and now even more so that Pitchero is a paid product. This is costing you huge goodwill and support.

    Too many inappropriate or low-grade ads, for starter.

    Video is highly intrusive.

    Ad blockers -- smell the coffee.

    I can't believe you make much money from ads, but, if you do, split it with clubs and make opt-in/out, with control over content. This would have added benefit of making you execute better.

    Same goes for Pitchero 'partners' -- let us choose if you want these, and make worthwhile. We have our own e-commerce kit partner, yet are forced only to show Lovell Sport.

    Stop double-dipping; leaves a v bad taste with clubs, who are now your PAYING CUSTOMERS.

    You've got something great, but uninvited, intrusive advertising massively negates it.

  • Dean Vale commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The videos are very intrusive and if you are in the office it's just not suitable.

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