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Users should be automatically opted-in to Email Communications and all user details should be visible to webmasters

I don't understand why users have to manually verify their email or opt-in to email communications from the club? Surely the whole point of them signing up to our club website is because the vast majority want to be updated with club matters?

Currently, there are nearly 900 users on our database however because of the way this has been set-up, we can only communicate with around half of them.

Whilst we have the option to prompt the users to allow us to view their details, this should ALL be available to us automatically with a manual option for users to OPT-OUT not for them to OPT-IN. Most of the time when I send users prompt to allow us access to their details, they think it is spam because of the format of the email, as it doesn't look like I have physically sent it myself (even if I add a personal message).

There should be a addition to your T&C's to all members signing up that tells them that by signing-up to the club website, they automatically accept for us to be able to view their full details and for us to be able to use these details to contact them. If they then want to prevent this, they should manually have to log-in to the system after verifying their details to disable this.

This should also be adapted to ALL current members that are on our database and you should send out an updated T&C's to all members automatically explaining that this is what is being done so that it is legal and so that they are aware of what options they have.

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  • mike pollard commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    While we wait for this, it is not obvious (to me at least) where to opt in having previously opted out of email contact.

  • Tracie Whitaker commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I am fighting with our club to not leave Pitchero for this exact reason. Our managers are quickly losing faith with the system as it is and some have resorted back to texting and using social media to contact their parents.

    If a webmaster was able to check the email address that had been provided by the parent and the webmaster was then able to manually confirm/overide any that had not personally confirmed their email address, this would then enable managers to contact these parents.

    Please sort it out urgently, how can we move over to payments if we cannot contact the parent involved?

  • Richard Deakin commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I totally agree pretty much all age groups have seperate system to manage communication because the website doesnt work with blocked user details. i will try and do big sort out over the summer, we ahve some many with incorrect email addresses. i think we will have capture everyones details and mannually re add them to the site.

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