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New Home Page - BLACK Blocks on left and right??

Why is there no control over the colour of the two side panels on the new home page? as a club we pay to have customisation, the old home page looked great in our colours but NOW there are two big BLACK sections either side of the scrolling photos... why? this needs to be changed so that it can be customised again as it looks awful! I don't see any advantages to the new home page really but I'm aware Pitchero isn't really interested in my opinion but when it comes to paying money for something we can no longer control then I do have a valid point that needs addressing.

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  • Jon Faulkner commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I am hoping these won't be auto start adds, our members hate them as if they are viewing in a "quiet" environment its terrible if all of a sudden a video plays.

    As a suggestion please don't do it Pitchero, we understand you have to advertise but please give people the option to play rather than forcing it.

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