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An events calendar for each age group

In addition to the fixture calendar , there are lots of other 'events' through the season - eg district & county training dates, special training events, registration days, presentations days etc. it would be great to have and events calendar or even better, the ability to add an 'event' (ie a significant date that is not a fixture) to the fixture calendar . Preferably it would have a pop up detail box in which more information about the event can be provided.

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  • Jonathan Cirkel commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The filtering by team only works for fixtures so still no option to enter events relevant to only one age group etc.
    The "select all" tick-box next to "Teams" in the filter list doesn't work either so to only display say one or two teams in the calendar you have to manually deselect the other 20ish teams! So, the tick-box doesn't appear to serve any purpose [Tested in Chrome]

  • Jon Crooks commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    What you can do is use the filter option to only show the age group you are interested in and then hit subscribe - and that will just add the relevant events to your calendar.

    if you are using OSX then I have a few tips
    - if you use Outlook 2011 this afaik does not allow "internet calendar" subscriptions - instead it will just download the calendar and import it into your outlook calendar. Sort of ok but if someone updates the calendar on the website you won't get the update - if you sync again you'll end up with 2x the entries
    - if you use iCal as well as Outlook2011, probably Outlook 2011 will take over when you click the 'subscriber' link on your pitchero page and do as stated above. What you can do is copy the subscribe link on the pitchero web page, go to iCal->File->New Calendar Subscription and then paste the link in and this will do it.

    Another option is you can use your iPhone/ipad and go to the pitchero calendar page, click on subscribe and this will add it to your Calendar subscriptions on the iPhone and iPads (that are using the same iCloud account). But this will not show up in iCloud and will not show up on iCal on your OSX machine.

  • Jonathan Cirkel commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Events are global by the look of it even with the new calendar - ie can't categorize for age groups and separate club sections etc :(

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