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stop the huge banner adverts right accross the top of the page pushing the site down and making it look terrible

Please get rid of the huge adverts at the top of each site. There are plenty other spaces for adverts. No commercial or professionally developed site would have adverts along the top of the home page. This is spoiling a great product.

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Hi Everyone,

Thanks for your comments. First of all this is a trial that is constantly under review. All of your feedback is being noted and we appreciate the comments we have received so far.

Until the end of the trial we have made the following changes:
1. No more betting or gambling ads in the large ad format across the top of the website. These ads have already been stopped.
2. All large ads formats will be capped at 1 per person per session.

Once the trial has ended we will also make the following change:
1. All large ad formats must be sport specific and reflect the brands already associated with the sport. Example football – Nike.

Once the trial has finished we expect the number of campaigns to be very low.

Advertising is still required to fund Pitchero, but we are altering our business model to be less reliant on it.

We will address the Club Creative issue separately as this is still being looked into from a technology perspective.



Hello All,

Many thanks for your feedback. This is an update on the current situation.

All large format betting ads have been removed and will not return. Last week, we made the mistake of announcing the trial would end on Sunday 23rd. This was a communication error for which we apologise.

We have three campaigns left to run; Google, Honda and Investec Hockey. The last of these campaigns will finish on the 7th of July. These campaigns are capped at 1 per user session. Your members will only see the ad once, each time they visit a club website on the Pitchero network.

In the short term no more campaigns will be booked, within the same space or size.


Looking forward – this is what we have learnt:

On our side, the visual implementation of the new advertising was very poor.

We were not able to target the ads away from clubs using the premium club creative package. This is now being looked into.

The brands we advertised did not match our user profile, particularly betting. These have been removed.

We did not provide adequate feedback to our users.

For all these things we are very sorry, and we will try much harder future.


Looking forward – the future of advertising:

In short, the small ad formats which we normally run generate less and less revenue. Advertisers instead want to use large formats – and we have very little say in the matter.

Look at the Telegraph, Guardian, Independent or Daily Mail website you will see large formats are being used on most pages.

To this end, to keep Pitchero free and where appropriate, we must adapt.

It is not simply a case of valuing the advertiser above the user. It is about finding a balance between paying the bills, generating revenue so we can improve the service and providing a great user experience.


Looking forward – changing our model:

In the long term we are trying shift our business to be less reliant on advertising and to focus on payments and retail.

This, we hope, will mean we can keep the amount of advertising on a club website to a minimum.


Looking forward – we really do care:

The team at Pitchero work incredibly hard to offer your club a great service. Some times we get it right (Payments, iPhone app) sometimes we get it wrong (advertising).

We will continue to work hard and hopefully win back your support.

Our office is in Leeds, just off the M62. As a Webmaster we welcome you to call in anytime and talk directly with Pitchero staff.

We are also holding weekly webinars where you can talk to developers online.

Finally, please feel free to call the office anytime.



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  • Matt Giles commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Please please please remove this massive banner advert, it totally ruins the look and feel of what was a good layout previously. I have recently spent time developing a Pitchero site for a local club who up till recently were very satisfied with the look and feel of the site until the big banner advert appeared. Now they dont want the site if that remains leaving me hours of time down the tubes and having to start again with another provider.

    I love pitchero so pleas remove this horrible advert asap.

  • Dave Winpenny commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I cannot believe that there has been no response from Pitchero on this topic!
    The change to remove these banners would take 10 mins and could be deployed to their servers within hours.
    So why no response? I would imagine they have signed a deal with Google, So why no response? I would imagine they have signed a deal with Google, Paddy Power, etc for money and so have to back out of it.
    My members are furious, especially Junior and Mini parents. This is a VERY POOR advert for my rugby club and I find it appalling that Pitchero would do this to its users without ANY consultation.
    Get your business head on guys.

  • Pumpherston United Admin commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Remove the huge banner at the top of the page please, it is awful. It covers almost a 3rd of the screen pushing lots of our own content out of view. Seriously considering ditching Pitchero and just maintaining a facebook page and Twitter or going to wordpress. Bad move guys, feels like you're ripping it a bit!

  • Paul Taylor commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This banner advert has to go - having just sat through an AGM trying to promote the use of the club website which we have paid good club money for - our members were NOT happy! Surely we pay for your services to have Adverts removed not forced upon us!

    You will loose your customers - remove it now please.

  • Paul Groves commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The new banner advert is ridiculous in so many ways and we are already looking for an alternative website as it massively detracts from what we are trying to do. I am also amazed that Pitchero can be so PR ignorant, but what further evil schemes do they plan for the future?

  • Dave Gardner commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Unless this huge banner is removed we will be looking for an alternative to Pitchero as the impact of our club name in the header has been lost and our key messages (for both visitors and club members alike) have been reduced by a further third of the page.

    I'm shocked by Pitchero's naivety (stupidity?) in selling a third of our screen space without reference to their customers.

  • Ross Pinnuck commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    We were using pitchero happily for the last 3 years and has been an excellent resource for our team. I have invested lots of time and effort in keeping content up to date and migrating content across. Since the new billboard has started appearing our club chairman has asked us to look at alternative sites. This is a real shame that this has gone up seemingly without warning and goes against everything I thought this site was trying to achieve. It suggests to me that Pitchero's priorities seem to be in maximising revenue and not supporting community sport.

    PLEASE REMOVE THIS BILLBOARD, I can't go through another site migration for the sake of greed, this has really tarnished my perception of the site.

  • Andrew Dickinson commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Lots of negative comments received here too about the ridiculous adverts at the top of the screen. Not only do they cheapen the whole product but they are totally inappropriate for the age groups within our club.

    Similarly, we pay for the "Creative" add-on so we've paid for our own background to appear on the site 24/7. We havent paid for it to appear some of the time. We don't expect our background to be overwritten by the Sky Sports background when it's time to show that particular ad.

  • Dave Winpenny commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Absolutley true - the number of complaints I have recieved about this is amazing. How any web developer would allow 1/3 of the screen to be given up to an advert is beyond me. PLUS it isnt persistent so every time I logon I have the same waste of space.

    I agree with Site Manager - I pay for Club Creative and we are trying to drum up interest in our 50th anniversary bash at the British Lions 3rd test and my creative work is now lost because of an advert for Google.


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