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Cricket Stats Page

On the Cricket Stats Page for the players you can currently filter by All, Friendly and Official - maybe an added feature would be if you could filter by the competitions your club is in i.e. All, Official, Friendly, Cup1, Cup2, 20/20, League so that you could see how players are in certain competitions. Currently the friendly filter is all the cup matches which have been added manual and not uploaded by Pitchero.

The States page could also do with a few more added features shuch as:

- Bowling States need to have number of overs bowled as currently the number of balls maybe different depending on the extras bowled.

- Appearance maybe a good section to have to show the amount of games a player has been selected for or played in. The player currently only appears on the stats if he has batted or bowled.

- Team Stats would also be a really good feature showing number of games played, wins, lost, ties, win percentage, cancelled matches etc with maybe a pie chart graph

- It would also be could if you could export the stats for the players so that we can print off and display in the clubhouse etc

- In the playing states it would be nice if you could click on a player which then took you to that players profile - In his profile would be his current stats plus all previous stats for that player from previous season and also stats from previous clubs obviously if that player has been registered on Pitchero (similar to the Play-Cricket site)

Finally another added feature could be used in the fixtures page or stats page to display head to head against teams and show percentages etc

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