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Show "Champions" "Promoted" & "Relegated" in League Tables

It's that time of the year where clubs are going up or going down!
Currently in the league tables, there is a column under"#" showing position in the table.
Is it possible to quickly add a feature that turns this place number into a "C" for Champions, "p" for promoted and "r" for relegated?
I appreciate this can only be done for tables that utilise your promotion and relegation lines but should be fairly straight forward?

Our league used to use Excel based tables and it was quite easy to create macros to check total points left etc then visably show if a team had gone up, down or won the league... saves a lot of manual check work I have to do as the current system stands... especially as we have multiple division!

If the feature is standard, our members will instantly be able to see if they're up or down as soon as the results are submitted.

Hope you think this is a useful feature

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