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Improve accessibility of player statistics

Currently there is no way to link players by their ID to their stats, including a player ID on the stats page would allow clubs to carry out more accurate analysis on player stats across all teams that they play for and over time.

The issue I have is connecting these to, for instance a team statistics page as there is no ID column available.

For instance, say we had two ‘J Bloggs’, Joe and John. From a membership database perspective that’s fine, they both have a unique ID.

If I go onto the statistics page and they’ve both played a game, they will appear on separate rows as J Bloggs with no unique identifier.

I imagine this is used when the page renders to separate the two out but cannot seem to find it. I need that ID to create a join between my data dump and the stats page data.

Ideally a table with the stats data plus an ID would be great.

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