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Google Calendars needed!

We need google calendars!

I understand the embedding issue but the ability to add our google calendars to the club and team sites would be a major function addition.

Currently, we must link to external sites such as this one:

If pure embedding of code is the issue, perhaps an interface could be devised to aid in security.

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  • Bruno Langlois commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Please Pitchero team at least add a view-only calendar for each team! It is easy to do: just put a different ics adress pro team, that's all! Or better: a "personlized-calendar" which could be for any user only his selection of team-calendar.

    Then, to have an easy use, please add in account/settings a sub menu "calendar": in this page, user could find a selected-box list with all available calendar that he could access to (it's own, and its children ones, ....), and also the adress of this personalized-calendar adress, which contains all calendars he has selected.

    Thanks for doing this! It will be VERY usefull.

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