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relocate non premium club shop to SHOP tab on homepage (STA TRAVEL microsite)

The addition of the STA Travel micro site under the home page “shop” tab is far from ideal if the non premium shop remains located under the “club info” tab on the home page.

As a club we do not subscribe to the premium shop feature though we do use the basic club shop page to promote our external club shop.

To make club cashback work we have translated SHOP to CLUB CASHBACK on the home page, now with the addition of the STA travel micro site this obviously does not work and leaves me with the desire to disable the micro site.

Relocate the non premium shop to the shop tab on the home page (away from club info tab) sharing the location with the premium shop.

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  • Mark Stanley commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    looks like this has been partially implemented (on our site anyway - lets hope its accross all)

    Our Club Shop is now under shop on home page and club info on homepage

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