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Offer Another Level of Premium Membership Where All Pitchero Ads Are Removed

How about offering an option where clubs could pay an additional fee to opt out of all advertising? Sure there is only one ad that gets loaded per page, but many well established clubs that have a wide gamut of diverse advertising may be turned away from Pitchero because of conflicting interest.

From a development standpoint, this should be relatively simple considering the complexity of this site's capabilities.

The most difficult part would be developing a payment structure. It seems that Pitchero's Marketing and Finance departments could gather information and reports to determine what the average value per page load is. From there, they could structure payment tiers based on either volume of page loads per month or just a simple cut and dry gold/silver/platinum scale and see what the market will bear.

Jeremy White

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  • James Huggins commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I agree. Sorry Pitchero, there is no way you would make more money from ads than a higher paid tier. There is literally no other SAAS I have ever seen or used that forced ads on users to fund itself. I don't really understand what you need to change about your business. Create a higher fee tier that covers the loss of ad revenue on the average site and see what the take up is. What is there to lose?

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