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Full emails sent by Admins should go direct to the receiver (Not a prompt telling them one is waiting)

I have received a valid complaint about the system and it is summed up by the following:-

I think in today's world that people generally pick up mail on phones, and parents have remarked to us that they need to 'log on' to a computer to pick up mail, and web service is up and down when mobile. Whereby a mail is very accessible instantly.
We use Pitchero very successfully most of the time but if the info came as. An email rather than 'Joe bloggs has sent you a message' it would be easier.
I have had info missed by people as the sheer volume of inapplicable mail via Pitchero was driving people to distraction along with other spam!
Can you please look at this with a view to changing the system so that the full email is received rather than a prompt.

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Club Communication messages are now sent via email to the user with an option to reply via their mail client (i.e. from their phone).


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