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Ability to edit team selection/stats/min when scored after game is recorded.

Often I don't get told of player changes until I arrive at the game or after it has been played and cannot always change this on the site the same day. This of course plays havoc with the selection, games played and the rest of the stats.
Also the other difficult thing is the times points are scored, I can quite easily get who scored but if I ask after how many minutes the players, coaches and replacements mostly just look blank.

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  • Sam Jones commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Quite agree, I post squad selection on a Thursday or Friday and have yet to have the same team start a fixture. Due to injury or other personal reasons, the downside of this being this being that some players get credit for playing a fixture when they didn't or the squad statistics sheet having 20-21 players rather than the 19 that did start come matchday.
    Please include a shortcut for changing squads post-match!!
    Thank You Pitchero!

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