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Improve the Efficiency of the Site.


I am new to pitchero and it is great but has some obvious flaws that could easily be fixed. My main concern is the admin time to set up a squad and the ability to contact the squad after you have spent ages setting it up....

My points are :

If you loads say an U9s sheet from an U9s spreadsheet,none of the team are entered against the U9s squad, you have to add them manually.

For juniors, many share parents emails but no facility to load parent/child relationships so after the team is loaded you have to remove all emails from kids, set their parents up on the site then link the 2 together, this takes a lot of time.

Once the squads are loaded , the site will not let you email them unless they confirm their email, plus the team selection screen will not email them either when you select them. There should be an override. We have set the squad up on pitchero but still having to email availability , which makes the pitchero functionality redundent.

When a player does confirm their details and loads a picture to their profile, that picture needs to be re-entered by admin to their layer profile to appear on the team page. So you have to contact the person who uploaded their image to be sent the image to load it yourself, extremely inefficient, there should be a copy to player profile button that admin can do (if you try to do it manually the user pics are so small it is pixelated on the team picture).

There is no team facebook page on the teams site even though linked in admin, this must be a small fix.

A lot of effort is needed to get a fully working squad, let alone 5, Pitchero needs to help us out on this,

Feel free to contact me as I have the aches and pains of setting up the U9s , not even touched the seniors yet.


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