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Remove the pictures from the Activity feed

On the old Get Satisfaction Support setup there was a very long thread about reducing the footprint or removing the Activity feed. As I recall the consensus seemed to be that the individuals photo should be removed. As no-one appears to have restarted this I've added it again.

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  • Melanie Inkpen commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    With the arrival of the new homepage, any/all photos appear as thumbnails via the activity feed - even those marked as private (18's and under should be kept private to club members only) - which we would like to see removed

  • Charlie Pearson commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I think adding photos on news feeds is GOOD - it's eye-catching. However, I am tired of seeing my mugshot in the Activity Feed all of the time.

    I have thought about changing my mugshot to a photo of a caption saying 'Under Fourteens', or whatever, because it is actually their attention that I am trying to grab. However, changing my mugshot is actually quite unhelpful for people trying to find me, particularly people from another club.

    When I create Team News, a Match Report, or whatever, I always try to add a photo or image relating to that item. This then appears as a large image whenever someone actually opens the item. (training diagram for a training article, club logo for team we are visiting, mince pie for christmas party, etc)

    Would it be possible to change the system so that either a) if an image has been uploaded into a news item, that image appears as the icon instead of the mugshot of the author or b) could there be an option on the admin page to allow the author to select whether their image or some other uploaded image appears?

    In summary: don't eliminate the photo/icon, just provide Admins with the option to include a topic-specific image.

  • Paul Waygood commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I have had loads of comments from visitors to the site requesting that my ugly mug be removed. They think that I'm on some kind of ego trip. I'm not!
    Can you restructure this part of an otherwise excellent facility please?
    Paul Waygood Wellington RFC (Somerset).

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