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Availability lists specific for Team admin squads

At present Team admins when using the selection system are helped by the system presenting to them lists of Players that have been associated with the Teams the Admin manages.

The Availability list provided to the Team admins is a FULL list of all club Players associated with upcoming Fixtures (Mini, Junior, Youth Senior etc) Ie almost ALL the Clubs Players.

The Admin then needs to go to the Filters (Almost greyed Out) and sift through all the Team listings to establish the list required.

Why cannot this Availability list start with just those Teams the Admin is associated with and only if there is a need to go to other sides would he need to go to the filters.

As I understand Players can be allocated to a number of sides at the same time then if this is right surely there is no Need to produce a list of ALL the club’s players in the first up list.

It is inconsistent with Selection

If that cannot be achieved, then let’s have an Availability pre screen for the Team admin to select the Sides he/she wants to see Players availability for, rather than being confused by seeing the Whole club list

As a Team admin can be associated with a number of sides then if there really is a need to see all the associated sides at the same time then surely that can be built into the system that only those Players/sides the team admin is associated with are shown (or of course make him/her a Webmaster!!)

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