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put an upload button on the homepage

I believe it would be useful to have a single button which reads "No match report for the last game? Click here to upload a document for your team!" on the homepage.

This would take the user to a page which requires them to log-in or take the user to a page which is a form style page with the following contents:

- Age group (drop down box to select age group)
- File type (drop down box with the following options: match report, match pictures, informative post, news article, match video, match highlights)
- Fixture (drop down box with all fixtures for specified age group, unless informative post or news article is selcted previously)
- File upload link for pictures and videos, text box for match report, informative post and news article
- Visibility (drop down box with following options: public, visible to all age groups, visible to your age group)
- Comments permitted (Yes / no selection) - this states whether the post should have a comments section below.

...and then a submit button. Upon submission, the document should be sent to a webmaster for moderation and if accepted, placed directly in the relevant section of the fixture page or age group page. Moreover, the moderator would be able to link the post to the home page as a news article, if desired.

I believe that this functionality would nudge the casual site user to upload an occasional match report or pictures, without placing pressure on them to do so every week.

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