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  1. Top 10 Questions 

    1. How do I reset my password?
    2. How do I edit fixtures?
    3. How do I edit a league table?
    4. How do download the Pitchero apps?
    5. How do I upload photos?
  2. Club Website - Site Content 

    1. Add or edit club news.
    2. Add or edit team news.
    3. Add more than one photo to a News item.
    4. Attach a Document or file to a News item.
    5. Remove a Document or file from a News item.
  3. Club Website - Teams 

    1. Add a team
    2. Rank teams in order
    3. Player Availability :: OVERVIEW
    4. Team Info :: VIDEO OVERVIEW
    5. Edit team information
  4. Club Website - Communication 

    1. Communication - Send a club email.
    2. Communication - Send to all members.
    3. Communication - Send to a group.
    4. Public and private messages.
    5. Communication for Team Admins.
  5. Club Website - Membership 

    1. Membership Introduction :: VIDEO OVERVIEW
    2. Adding a new member
    3. Deleting a member.
    4. Adding a new Player
    5. Deleting a Player
  6. Club Website - Payments 

    1. Getting Started :: OVERVIEW
    2. Add a Payment Product
    3. Create a GoCardless account
    4. Charity numbers and business numbers. What should I do?
    5. Assign a Product to a Member
  7. Club Website - Performance 

    1. How does my club receive payment for the Marketplace and Club Kit?
    2. Where can I see how much revenue my club has earned?
    3. Where can I see how much revenue Pitchero has paid my club?
    4. Where can I see how much I am owed?
    5. Pitchero ranking.
  8. Club Website - Settings 

    1. change club URL.
    2. Can I use a custom domain name?
    3. How do I use a Fasthosts domain name with my Pitchero site?
    4. How do I use a 123 Reg domain name with my Pitchero site?
    5. How do I transfer my domain to Pitchero? What is Pitchero's IPS tag?
  9. A. Club Websites 

    1. A1.00 *New Season Preparation*
    2. A1.01 How do I edit my club logo?
    3. A1.02 How do I change the colours of my club website?
    4. A1.03 How do I change the title of my club website?
    5. A1.05 How do I edit the links on my club homepage?
  10. B. User Account 

    1. Password reset
    2. Password and email address not working
    3. Change name
    4. Change profile image
    5. Join multiple Pitchero websites
  11. C. Competitions (league fixtures) 

    1. C1.01 How does the Pitchero league system (competition database) work?
    2. C1.02 How do I add league fixtures to the Pitchero competition database?
    3. C1.03 How do I update league fixtures and results?
    4. C1.04 How do I show a league table on my club website?
    5. C1.05 Changing or adding points on your System
  12. D. League Websites 

    1. How do I archive my season for a League Website?
  13. E. Pitchero App 

    1. F1.01 How do I get the App?
    2. F1.02 Is there an Android App?
    3. F1.03 How do I log into the iPhone app?
    4. F1.04 Do I need a club website to use the iPhone app?
    5. F1.05 The iPhone app does not load/open
  14. Premium Features 

    1. Are there any transaction fees when using the club subs feature?
    2. Can my customers pay without a PayPal account? (Shop and Subs premium features)
    3. Does Pitchero offer any Premium Features?
    4. How can I change my credit or debit card details for my premium features?
    5. Successful payments via PayPal aren’t registering in my Shop or Subs control panel
  15. Misc. 

    1. Can I remove the Pitchero advertising from my website?
    2. Does Pitchero have a mobile app?
    3. I do not have a Facebook account?
    4. How do I connect my Facebook account to my Pitchero account?
    5. How do I disconnect my Facebook account from Pitchero?
  16. All articles 

    1. How do I associate my club with the official competition I am involved in?
    2. Can Pitchero be used for other sports?
    3. My password and email address do not work, I am unable to login, what should I do?
    4. How do I list my new Pitchero website with Google?
    5. Are there any transaction fees when using the club subs feature?
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